This caught my eye: Football ‘needs wage cap’. At first I thought, “You mean like those funny little ones with the gold piping which starts at the rim and goes up to top, meeting with a little button on top? You know, like the ones we used to wear at primary school when I were a lad?”

No. More silly nonsense from those football lovers, the Government. As you may have guessed I have no sympathy with this interventionist line of thinking. The best way to reform football is to let a few clubs go bust. Then everyone will see that sentimentalists must not be allowed to run football.

Instead we have a bunch of people who ‘love’ football, who think that their ‘love’ legitimates all kinds of excess and foolishness, leading to clubs that spend beyond their means, not least on wages. When it happens, do we get common-sense? No! We get this silly envy of the big clubs and their financial muscle: ‘If they can spend lots of money, why can’t we? IT’S NOT FAIR!’. Sounds like a bunch kids.

I say let clubs go bust. That’ll give rest the heeby-geebies and then maybe we’ll get some common sense.

There. Got that off my chest.