I was at ETCW for workshop on preaching. 3 hours journey there, 4 hours workshop, 3 hours back (with a half-hour lunch break in the middle). I consider it time well spent. The question of sermon preparation is pretty important and an area I need to improve in.

There were five other students, all residential, and the same bunch that were there for the workshop on marriage and divorce last week. (I didn’t blog on this. I was too tired, and then forgot until it was too late).

Most notable from last week’s session was the discussion at lunch time. The one woman in the group was talking about her normal getting up time: 9am is good, 10 am is better! I confess to a degree of shock that a theology student at an evangelical theological college should not had experienced several hours of blessed prayer before breakfast. Isn’t that the norm? (;-)) But this was notable (seriously!): her bedtime reading (note: not her study materials) included Edwards, Spurgeon and others. “You can stay with these authors”, she said.

This I found remarkable because, well, to be blunt, very few women I know read Christian books, let alone good ones, let alone old good ones, and then say, “you can stay with them”! So, good for her!

But why do so few women I know read good books?