Mobile phones – Aaahhh!

Katie’s friends have all been getting moby phones as christmas/birthday/early birthday presents. The pressure is beginning to be felt. Here are the symptoms.

Katie’s friends who come round, eyes glued to the little screen, at most monosyllabic, usually downright rude.

Then they want to tell you the contents of their vacuous yet copious text messages. Yawn.

Kate is beginning to ask, “When can I have one?”

“When you can pay for it”, I say.

“Where can I get a job?”

“You’re not old enough.” (she’s 10)

“When can I have one?”

Ever feel you are going round in circles? How did we cope before the advent of this essential technology, I ask you?

But then, I am now an ancient, boring Dad after all…

Mobile phones – Aaahhh!