Getting Passionate

The presence of The Passion is beginning to be felt. Church friends are seeing it. Family members are seeing it. Preachers are mentioning it in sermons. It’s bothering me.

This comparison may seem a little crude but it has been flitting through my mind over the last few days. Imagine this: a Christian friend says, “I think I’ll take a trip down to the local lapdancing club tonight.”


“Well, you know, these girls who dance are really quite artistic. They really are good at what they do, and I think their art should be appreciated.”

“What about the effect they have on your mind and your relationship with your wife?”

“No problem. I really don’t think it’s an issue. Come on. It’s only art!”

But we all know there is an issue with the 7th commandment (‘You shall not commit adultery’), don’t we? If you want to obey it, you don’t go putting yourself in places where it is difficult, if not impossible, to obey forever after. Not even for the sake of art. It makes sense.

So what about the 2nd commandment? Are we to place ourselves in a situation in which this commandment will be difficult to obey, too?

But then, as sophisticated 21st century Christians we don’t believe that idolatry is an issue, do we? Sex? Yes. Idolatry? No.

Getting Passionate