Tactical Withdrawal

I have been revising some of my study plans over the last day or two. I have rapidly come to the conclusion that I am in real trouble with Hebrew Grammar. There are a number of factors:

1) I didn’t make the progress through the material I wanted to last semester. I only covered 75% of the work. And you could tell from the result of the exam – a measley 45%. Probably one of the worst results I have ever had.

2) Though I am learning I don’t believe I am doing so fast enough. I am not sure, given a fair wind, that I would be able to catch up enough to get through the final exam.

3) The wind is not fair! After Easter I have a number of deadlines over the six weeks after Easter which, on reflection will make it difficult not to lose significantly more ground in Hebrew before the exam.

As a result I have real doubts that I will perform sufficiently well in the exam to pass the double module.

Therefore I am faced with making a strategic decision not to continue with Hebrew this semester in order to make sure of passing other subjects. I think this is the wise choice. Perhaps I can come back to it at some later stage.

I am very disappointed about this. I believe that a grasp of the biblical languages makes one a better expositor. It’s not that I think I can’t do it, it’s just that I can’t do it fast enough!

Tactical Withdrawal