Gaffin at Oakhill

I went down to Oakhill with a couple of friends to hear Dick Gaffin speak on By Faith, Not By Sight. After a 2.5 hour journey I got back at around 6:45pm. Just enough time to get a bite to eat and out to homegroup. Didn’t get back till late.

I will try to summarise what Dick Gaffin said and my reactions to it after I have got through the worst of my assignment schedule. Suffice to say for now that there were periods of hard slog and periods of revelation that brought a smile and an inner, “Yes! Of course…”

Here were the titles of the four lectures:

The Center of Paul’s Theology

Eschatology and Ordo Salutis in Paul

Eschatology and Sanctification in Paul

Eschatology and Justification in Paul

Now for that last essay on the Atonement…

Gaffin at Oakhill