A Miscellany…

Here’s a collection of things I have come across in the blogosphere recently.

Firstly, thanks to Jon here’s a site that can waste lots of your time. Type in a word and you get a list of silly words back. I’m afraid this kind of thing sends me into a very unbecoming fit of giggles.

Also, a very useful resource for any Americans wanting to enjoy these pleasant shores. Perhaps slightly more useful than the orientation course some American former Rolls-Royce colleagues told me about. Now that was funny! (BTW thanks Iconoblog.)

Then, on a more serious note, here is a thought on pragmatism in the church (via Jollyblogger). Perhaps it was made more poignant by the post of Messy Christian who is clearly struggling with this form of results-based ministry. The pastoral issue she presents is as a result of bad theology arising from bad biblical study.

Finally, since some others are intimating their favourite preachers, here are a couple who were influential on me during my student days in Glasgow: Eric Alexander, who was the minster at St. George’s-Tron church, and Sinclair Ferguson, the then associate minister who was just getting his feet under the table at Westminster. Sound quality is pretty poor, but enjoy!

A Miscellany…

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  1. John says:

    Living in the US, I’m in a similar situation when foreigners ask me, ‘What’s the weather like in America?’.

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