Interesting Word

Tonight, during family devotions, we were reading Joshua 3 – you know, the part where Israel crosses the Jordan behind the ark of the covenant. When my daughter Katie (aged 10, soon to be 11) realised that God had made the waters pile up so that they could walk over on dry ground, she exclaimed, “Awe…Wicked!!”


Interesting Word

4 thoughts on “Interesting Word

  1. Anonymous says:

    Soon you will reach Joshua 5!

    Then you will find all those adults who hadn’t been circumcised, and Joshua erroneously omits to examine their profession of faith before circumcising them. What a blunder!

    Didn’t he know that infants are circumcised because of their parents’ profession, but adults need their own profession? What a duffer that man was!

  2. Stephen says:

    This reads like a Baptist with an ‘issue’ over covenant signs! 😉

    And he has a linux system too. I only know one of those…

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