Free at Last! Free at Last!

Exams are finished. I think they went OK. The pastoral exercise on Wednesday was not as difficult as it might have been. This consisted of a difficult marriage situation for a couple connected with a church, one a believer, one not, one having an affair the other not knowing about it at a very late stage. Biblical principles? How to untangle it? What practical steps would you take? etc

Greek Texts was OK, though only OK. This consisted of translation of set passages, parsing of words, writing exegetical notes. First two were straightforward. The last was a bit tricky since it was on a passage I had not revised well for. Muddled through, though.

The best part was catching up with some of the other students. Spent some time blethering to Al Roberts about blogging which was fun. May be it’s just me but are students getting younger these days? You wouldn’t think so from his blog! Here’s a picture I took of Al just before the Greek exam:


It was good to catch up with Rob W and Jonathan B too. They are more my age!

Now I’m free…

Free at Last! Free at Last!

3 thoughts on “Free at Last! Free at Last!

  1. Barb says:

    ROTFLOL! That one produced a belly laugh! Dr. Alastair looks as though he’s a bit stressed over his subjective genitives…

  2. Jon says:

    I’ll leave subjective genitives to those who know better… I won’t ask what they are either but I must admit he looks in pain!

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