Some Summer Reading

Here are some books I have read over the last few weeks:

Man & Woman in Biblical Perspective by James B Hurley

Stimulated to read this by discussion amongst current colleagues about the place of women in church prayer meetings. I have had this book on my shelf for years but just haven’t got round to it – until now!

What St Paul Really Said by Tom Wright

I need to get a grip on the issue of NPP. Seemed like this book was a good place to start. There is an internal consistency to his argument. However, I need to examine his exegesis more thoroughly.

The Great Exchange by Philip Eveson

This written before WSPRS but engages with Wright’s approach from the traditional evangelical point of view.

When I Tread the Verge of Jordan by Dennis Applebee

This book was given to me by a friend in church (much older than me) who loves Applebee’s preaching. However, it is of the Holiness/Keswick school of thought. But I promised I would read it so I did. Unhappy with almost all of it.

Resurrection and Redemption by Richard B. Gaffin.

I bought this following hearing his Oakhill lectures back in May. This is a highly technical treatment which shows the relationship between the resurrection and the accomplishment of redemption. Reflection on this accomplishment has usually centred around Christ’s death only. (I’ll take his word for it!) However, reading this has reminded me of the time an Australian aunt who was visiting us on part of a European tour. One day she said that on such-and-such a day she would “do Ireland”. What she meant was that she would take a train from Belfast to Dublin and observe through the window. Likewise, I have raced through Resurrection and Redemption and need to go back and take it more slowly.

Isaac Newton: The Last Sorcerer by Michael White.

Given me by a mathematical friend and I haven’t finished it yet. The interesting slant on this is the emphasis on Newton’s interest in alchemy which doesn’t come out in modern education.

Some Summer Reading