More to Come?

The historical background of the life and ministry of Jesus is well portrayed by Chalke & Mann in The Lost Mesage of Jesus. Amongst the best I’ve seen in a popular book. (Though it should be realised that I do not read many popular books these days!) The marking out of how the various factions within first century Judaism saw the future coming of the kingdom of God is very useful. Jesus declared the kingdom had come, in radical contrast to the Jews.

That the essence of the kingdom is the ‘shalom of God’ seems to be made on the basis of a Pentecostal pastor’s assertion only. In summary, the sole reason for acceptance of this view appears to be because the prosperity gospel is wrong and doesn’t work.

They make a poor case. There must be a better argument than this.

Also, the shalom is seen to work out in terms of inner, social and political terms alone. How about this one: relationship to God? Does not man face the impending wrath of God?

I hope the answer is coming…

More to Come?