I could apologise for the hiatus that has occurred on this blog, but I won’t. Some people see blogging as a ‘ministry’. Not me. No one depends on this ‘work’, so I’m not letting anyone down. Even if someone did depend on it (unlikely) then I can only counsel greater detachment. I do this for fun, for me, me, me.

But the truth is I cannot justify excessive self-indulgence here. Hence the hiatus. Here are the reasons (in no particular order, but I’m sure a psychologist could make something of it):

First, exams. I have just had a Hebrew Grammar intra-semester test. Went OK, I think.

Second, essays. I have two due for the end of the month – an exegetical essay in Galatians, and one on Spurgeon and the Down-Grade Controversy. I am trying not to bury my head in the sand about these coming ‘juggernauts’.

Third, teaching. I have been preaching once-weekly at Derwent Free Church now for 2 months. This new experience has been demanding. I no longer have the luxury of spending 20 hours on preparing a sermon. Must get it down to 8 hours.

Fourth, pastoral. I have been visiting members of the church. This does not take a lot of time since the church is small (~30 members and adherents). But it has unearthed some pastoral questions which could do with dealing with. More time required.

Fifth, evangelism in the locality of Derwent. This is suffering.

Sixth, church planting. I am helping a colleague with some door-to-door work in a neighbouring town.

Through all of this I have to make time for family! Frankly, given my own experience, I don’t know how some people, especially minsters and pastors, can write a lengthy essay on their blog every day. Where do they get the time?


3 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Generous van den Bosch says:

    Right on. Appreciate your blog and where you are coming from / going. It’s really great to meet – even in this admitedly superficial way – fellow Christians with similar views from different countries. I will revisit. Best Wishes, and In Christ.

    G. van den Bosch
    a.k.a. Blue Goldfish | Surface

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