Calvin on Preaching

I read this today:

So at the present day there are many who are well nigh sickened by the very name of preaching, because there are so many stupid, ignorant men who blurt out their worthless brainwaves from the pulpit…

Calvin’s New Testament Commentary on 1 Thessalonians 5:21 (Eerdmans)

I like Calvin. Contemporary. Doesn’t mince his words.

Calvin on Preaching

4 thoughts on “Calvin on Preaching

  1. Alastair says:

    Would the word ‘brainwave’ be in the vocabulary of someone in the sixteenth century? I wouldn’t have thought so. I will have to check this up.

  2. Stephen says:

    Hi Al. Yup, I think you’re right on the ‘brainwaves’ front. I must admit it did flit through my mind as I posted that this might have been translated with a bit of license. It is an anachronism.

    The CCEL library has it as,

    …just as many in the present day feel almost disgusted with the very name of preaching, as there are so many foolish and ignorant persons that from the pulpit blab out their worthless contrivances…

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