Who Need’s It?

I met a woman once who, when she found out that I was a Christian, started listing all the good things she had done in life. All the charities she had helped, the donations she had made. You name it she mentioned it. Couldn’t get a word in edgeways. Once she had completed reciting this list, there was no more to be said, was there? So the conversation was finished. She did not need or want to hear what could be said about the marvelous gospel of Jesus Christ. So I said goodbye and went on my way.

Lots of people believe they are Christian. And not just those who wear nice hats or coats and go to church. Plenty of people stay at home and watch TV or sleep and call themselves Christian. Lots of other people stay at home or sleep and would not call themselves Christian. But they believe that when they get to the pearly gates (if there are any) they will be welcomed in. Basically, everyone thinks they are good enough. After all, being a Christian is not about going to church it’s about how you live your life, don’t they say?

So who needs the Good News?

The trouble is that often the people who think themselves OK, decent, acceptable people, seem to bear the greatest resentment towards others. “There are a lot of evil people in the world. And them next door…” And so begins a rant. It’s necessary – to make sense of the way the world seems to be. “Yes there’s a lot of trouble in the world, but I’m OK. If only people were more like me. Yes the world needs the Good News, but not me thanks.”

Try harder, educate, think deeper, rant more. That’ll do it. No, there aren’t many who believe they need the Good News.

Who Need’s It?