My last post was prompted by Tim Challies’ post on Total Depravity. I left a comment about the need for Christ-centred testimony and Tim challenged me to write more about it, which I did. However, he commented that testimony was not the main thrust of his post. Tim then took up the theme of my post and responded with his own excellent post, agreeing with me and giving his own take on the question.

Again he commented that testimony was not the main thrust of his original post. That worried me. Having gone back and read what he wrote I find that he’s right! I missed the main thrust. It’s always annoying when one gets the wrong end of the stick.

Total Depravity is a great leveler. All are equally without hope before a holy God. But further, appreciation of this fact makes possible the clear testimony to the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ and a shift of focus away from grubby self. The two are connected. A person who has not grasped the extent of his/her need is unlikely to see the relevance of a strange story 2000 years ago. Instead he/she will want to focus on personal spiritual experience.


3 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. Tim Challies says:

    Hey, who cares if you missed the point. I think it’s safe to say that you missing the point had some great benefit to both of us, as we both got a good, biblical post out of it. 🙂

  2. jene' says:

    I have no earth shattering testimony. I grew up in a great home, my parents were active in the Navigators and we always had a crowd at our house.

    My testimony comes from the greatness of God placing me there and the grace he showed me by it.

    Still, my need was no less that any other’s. My parents taught me that God does not keep a scorecard of sins. All have need of His salvation. I am so glad that He chose me.

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