Arrived home from ETCW at about midnight last night. Too awake to sleep. Went to bed v. late. Got up late. Back in the saddle but struggled to get going today.

ETCW was fun. I was only there for about 30 hours. But I met some new students and caught with some ‘old’ ones. This is the most useful part of the Residential. Studying by distance learning can be quite a lonely existence. Catching up is important.

However, other than providing an environment for this kind of fellowship and support, I’m not sure what the College thinks it is doing. The residential is hardly an intensive learning experience. It is rare to have more than one lecture for each module and even then there is little time for more than an intro. Sometimes the lecturers just focus on the books we need to beg, borrow or … buy. Why can’t this be written down so that we can properly get into the subject matter? Seems like a wasted opportunity to me.

Anyway, I plan to cover

  • Hebrew Grammar II
  • Job
  • Pastoral Principles and Practice

The last one seems particularly interesting since it will involve the practice of diagnosing spiritual health. Scarey, full of pitfals I’m sure, but interesting.