Mixed Up

So, things get worse in the Anglican Communion. There was a chap being interviewed on BBC Breakfast this morning who is on the General Synod (whatever that is). He was arguing that the division that we see is all about culture not about theology.


Is he deaf? blind?

Anyway, he went on to argue that as communication improves and as more and more Africans gain the courage to ‘come out’ the church there will have to compromise on the homosexual issue. In other words, some time in the future ‘they’ will catch up. Not only is this view gravely in error (it is about theology – the theology of man, of marriage) but it also demonstrates the tendency of the Western elite to patronise the poor. Yes, one day they too shall be as enlightened as we have made ourselves!

Aside from all that, there was something much, much, much more important! Did you see what he was wearing!? He looked like a typical clergyman, at least from the neck to the waist – black clerical shirt, little white Fairy liquid collar thing. But above he was a hippy. Below, the jeans of a thirty-something Dad at the weekend. It was a bit like these kiddies books you get where each page has a picture of a person in a different outfit, but the pages are split in three so you can mix and match! You know, woman in flowery hat, policeman’s tunic, frogman’s legs. That kind of thing.

The interviewee didn’t seem to know what he was. Summarises the Anglicans, really.

Mixed Up