4 thoughts on “I’m Off…

  1. Robert Hulmehttp://robhu.livejournal.com says:

    I live in York, you could come over for tea if you like! Email me if you’re interested and I’ll send over my address / number.

  2. Stephen says:

    Hey Rob!
    I have only got your message last night (Sat), and now I’m back home. I posted this post literally 5mins before we left (we all went), so there was no chance of me getting your invite. Sorry I missed you, though.

    Did the touristy things, like go to Jorvik, Castle museum, Shambles etc. Fun, but cold!

  3. Robert Hulmehttp://robhu.livejournal.com/ says:

    Oh well, perhaps next time you’re in this area…

    I’ve not been to the Castle museum! I’ve actually not done most of the touristy things.

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