Some Pics from York

We visited York Thursday and Friday last week. I finally got round to sorting some pictures out. We did some touristy things, and took a few snaps. It was nice to get away, but I had to be back to preach on Sunday.

The Thinker

Well, this is me putting on my best thinking pose in Starbucks. Susan kept saying, “Stop it! Stop it!”. Girl just laughed. Can’t think why.


See! I told you! Susan was laughing as well! “Why?” I ask you!

Shopping in Shambles

“Oooh look at that”, says Girl. Shopping in the Shambles – cute little shops in an old part of the city. The best part for me was finding a sweet shop that sells Soor Plooms.

York Minster

York Minster is a stupendous building. It really is quit stunning. Every ounce of my Non-Conformist body was screaming “this is not church!”. But you have to admire the scale and craftsmanship. Girl asked, “What does the ‘M’ stand for?” Can you see it? (It doesn’t mean anything, by the way – it was just an accident.)

Brotherton, Yorkshire

On the way home from York, on the A1(M), just before Pontefract, there is a little village called Brotherton. My Grandfather was a Church of England vicar or curate way back in the 1920s, long before he found his way to Ayrshire. I am pretty sure this was his church building, since it is the only one in the village. Unfortunately, it was closed, there was no sign on the outside and the clock on the tower had stopped. Looked suspiciously like it was no longer in use. The village itself is not very pretty. As you can see from the photo, in the background there is a whopping great power station, and power pylons everywhere.

Some Pics from York

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  1. Donna says:

    Great pics, Stephen! It’s nice to see your family. Nice “I’m thinking” pic, too, by the way ;o)

  2. Kathy says:

    The pic of K looks like it should be on one of the Harry Potter films, all she needs is the hat!!!

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