Another Planet

At Derwent Free Church we have a bunch of kids, aged from 6 to 11, who have started coming to our evening services. We didn’t go looking for them, we didn’t invite them – they just came. They have kept coming for the last four or five weeks. We don’t have a fancy service or anything, just simple hymns, prayers, scripture reading, sermon, tea/coffee afterwards. But they have kept coming.

I asked one of the boys (aged 8 or 9) of them directly, Why do you keep coming?

He answered, I like coming. It’s like going to a different country.

I was quite taken aback. I expected him to like the biscuits or something.

Some would say that, yes, a Reformed Evangelical church is on another planet, irrelevant, disconnected from the real world. Surely it needs to change!

But isn’t it striking that this kid recognises a big difference from his normal existence, and keeps coming back?

Another Planet

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