The Week Has Arrived

Finally, I am at ETCW for my end of year exams. I had the first this morning on Pastoral Principles and Practice. It was just a short one, with one question. The gist of it was, “How do you deal pastorally with a childless couple who come to you for help. He is addicted to internet pornography and has some online friends with whom he shares intimate details. As a result their marriage is suffering. What would you do?” (There is of course more detail than this in the paper.)

So, come on then, whay would you do?

Hebrew Grammar tomorrow. I think this is under control.

Book of Job on Thursday. This is a disaster waiting to happen. But I have 42 hours and 20 minutes to turn this tanker-baby round…

The Week Has Arrived

3 thoughts on “The Week Has Arrived

  1. James Leverton says:

    Ban him from the internet. Or introduce Norton Internet Security like we did to stop me playing on games…it stops one getting on sermonaudio saying it contains “sex/acts” on the website.
    Seriously though, thats a tough question to kickstart the exam season!

  2. Stephen says:

    Thanks, John.

    James, that would be a good idea as long as the man is willing to do what is necessary, and receive help.

    I have to admit when I read the scenario I felt I was breaking out in a cold sweat, thinking “I’m not cut out for this!”

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