This Is The Week That Is

It has been an unusual week this week. There have been a number of things going on which have been claiming my attention.

Firstly, I am treasurer for a committee which organises an event called Bible Week in Derby. This is a shame for the rest of the committee since I am not the person most interested in keeping track of details like money. BWD is a regional event affiliated with the Keswick Convention, which has been running for several years. This year we have had the Rev. Edward Lobb, an Anglican, speak at the event on the topic of Christ the Fulfilment, looking at how many various threads of OT themes converge in Christ. Before this week I knew nothing about Mr. Lobb, but his teaching has been excellent, and look forward to listening to the sermons again. I may have time to say more about it later.

Secondly, it has been Carnival Week in Little Eaton. The evenings have been taken up with various daft family activities which are great fun. Tonight was Wild, Wet & Whacky where 36 teams of 10 each play all kinds of silly, wet team games and get points. And points mean … yes …prizes! Girl’s team missed out, finishing 4th. But that’s still pretty good! Here’s a pic:

Originally uploaded by Dancers.

You may well be wondering what is going on here. “Why four wellies?” I hear you ask. “Aren’t two enough?” Ah but, dear reader, if only you knew! You see, this is not confusion over the correct use of limbs. This is, in fact, an ingenious method of transporting water! Once the wellies are on, they are filled with water and must be kept upright, and on the ground – they are wellies, after all – right to the end of the course so that as much water as possible is preserved. More water means more points means more … yes … prizes.

Thirdly, I am preaching on Sunday in John 14:15ff (I haven’t decided how much yet).

Fourthly, I organise a preachers’ group which meets once a month and next meets on Saturday. This time it is my turn to prepare and deliver a 10-minute sermon which will then be critiqued by the group afterwards. Talk about daunting!

Anyway, there you have it. I think it was easier studying for exams!

This Is The Week That Is