Weekend Report

It has been a busy weekend. I had one of those weeks last week where I thought I had plenty of time, then suddenly it all disappeared. By Friday afternoon I had barely started sermon prep for Sunday evening. Major disaster looming! I am still at the stage where it takes nearer 15 hours to prepare the 30-minute sermon rather than the target 8 hours which I think I need to have a fighting chance of surviving full-time ministry. Otherwise, when you fit in other distractions and necessary things, time pretty soon disappears.

E.g. Last week Daughter was in the end-of-year school show for three nights, finishing Friday around 9:30pm. She also wanted to go to the Woodlands “Yoof” Weekend at Quinta in Shropshire. In a fit of enthusiasm over a week before, I said I would drive her there immediately after the show. Nutcase! So, at 10pm Friday we set off on the 2 hour drive. I got back at 2am. Oh, the things we Dads do for our children! So, much of Saturday and a chunk of Sunday was spent preparing John 15:1-8, while in a tired state. It was a wrestle, I tell you.

However, I am encouraged! We had one new visitor on Sunday evening, who normally attends another church. As he left he said to me, “That was brilliant!”, and went on to explain why. He made my weekend. It is good when God sends encouragement when we need it.

And finally:

Daughter survived “Yoof”.

Wife survived a tense me.

Weekend Report