A Blogging Pastor

Ant, one of the pastors at Woodlands, has a blog! Looks good. Ant and I have talked about blogs several times in the last year. Now I find he has been and gone and done it and has for the last couple of months!

Well? Still reading? Haven’t clicked yet? What are you waiting for? Click!

A Blogging Pastor

3 thoughts on “A Blogging Pastor

  1. Ant says:

    so I’ve been rumbled! Not been sure whether it is something that I’ll manage to either keep up with, or whether or not it is ultimately useful. But we’ll see.
    I suppose at the moment I went for it as a means to help me process ideas. If you have to write it down it sharpens what may otherwise just be a vague thought. And comments from others help to sharpen too. Feel free to sharpen me some time!! It’s also fun to stick random things on! We’ll see whether I stick with it longer term.

  2. Stephen says:

    Wey-hey! The secret’s out.

    I had two main reasons for starting:

    1) Processing ideas, as you say. The discipline of ordering thoughts is good.

    2) Being accountable. Laying ideas out in public leaves you open to criticism. You learn either you were writing rubbish, or how to backup the ideas. Either way, it helps.

    The problem with blogging and reading other bloggers is that it could be a big time-waster. Rather like idly flicking trashy mags. Needs to be controlled.

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