Court, Crisps and Confessions

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On Thursday night I spent some time with this man. Don’t fear! He is a friend, despite the photo. Andy Court is a great encouragment and well worth getting to know.

Anyway, during the course of another dose of encouragement and crisps he mentioned his bother David Court, who is a Rev. in the Church of Scotland, has a load of his sermons on his church website. I have only had a brief listen but they sound good. Go and listen too!

The remarkable thing about the church’s website is that on the front page makes direct reference to the Westminster Confession of Faith. Anyone who knows anything about the CoS will know that this is unheard of. To most minsters, if they have heard of it, the WCF is like the embarrassinng auntie that everone wishes would stay upstairs, shut up and not show her face. I’m glad to see that Mr. Court is proud of his auntie and has her in the front room with all the visitors.

UPDATE: Oops! The reference to the ‘auntie’ is not quite on the front page. In fact, not at all. You will find it here. Which is just as well. After all, who puts their auntie at the front door? (Am I pushing this metaphor too far? I think so.)

Court, Crisps and Confessions

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