An Essential Defensive Shield

We need to worry about mind control. There are sinister forces afoot. Neighbours, colleagues, government, aliens. You know the kind of ‘people’. Ready to sap every living sensible thought out of your brain and fill it full instead with their nefarious schemes. So, last night I discovered the perfect answer – a tin foil hat. Yes. And it looks cool.

So cool, in fact, dear daughter made me one…

Tin foil Head Gear

Nice. By the way, that shiny bit on top is foil, not my usual head, stupid.

Now I can read those liberal, feminist authors on Ruth and remain completely immune from their pernicious propoganda. Ha.

You should make one too. But if you are not confident, don’t worry. You could buy one.

Oh, and just one other thing. Please, keep this hush-hush. I don’t want to get thrown off the Warfield List.

An Essential Defensive Shield

4 thoughts on “An Essential Defensive Shield

  1. the girl says:

    Absolutely magnificent Father (I’m being posh). It must have been made by an incredibly talented person hint hint MEEE!!! I can’t help noticing that there is a spelling error in the title of your blog. Doggy’s is spelt with a Y (mum said so and she is an english teacher so there). Also I would just like to add that the background should be ORANGE NOT A DULL BLUE !!!!! 😛 <----- look at this sidey ways
    bi bi daddy

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