Trueman Article on Blogland

A few weeks ago I wrote on the fact that blogland enables many people to get things off their chest in the public arena. Nevertheless, I was concerned that opinions expressed still need to carry weight for them to be of value. I was very serious. >:-(

Along the same lines, yesterday I discovered an excellent article by Carl Trueman entitled The Theatre of the Absurd where he writes that the right to free speech, facilitated by the internet and an all-round Good Thing, does not, however, imply the right to be heard. That has to be earned.

An excellent analysis, and a cogent argument for not taking one’s presence on the web too seriously.

(PS This is why everyone should read Jon Mackenzie. A clever bloke, yet on whom a furrowed brow of concern can rarely be seen, and from whom meaningful “mmmm”s can rarely be heard. His site is just a plain good interesting read.)

Trueman Article on Blogland

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