Quick Thought-Provokers from the Midlands Gospel Partnership Meeting

Random collection of things that struck me yesterday:

1. Peter Jensen quoted Henry Venn on the topic of Sending, “Everything under God depends on the quality of the men sent forth.” We are not hyper-calvinists. God uses means, and in his time he raises up those with the necessary qualities. The church still needs to identify, nurture and send those of quality.

2. Mark Dever gave a list of 30 ideas for Reaching (i.e. evangelism). As the bloke next me said, we thought he might have meant things like “Have evangelistic pizza parties!” However, it was clear from the list that evangelism flows from a healthy church life. Most of the ideas were to do with this.

3. People in churches need tools not programmes. Training in basics essential.

4. Big churches don’t find it any easier to send than small. Small churches must not entertain pipe dreams that the big church’s cavalry will come and help.

5. Limitations of budget and manpower are for a reason. God, in his providence, wants us to prioritise in forming mission strategy.

6. Peter Jensen observed that those in a small church who have been the most faithful to God over the years are often the most obstructive in building a sending church when they reach the 50-70 year-old age range.

7. Churches often bewail lack of funds. However, Jensen believes there is plenty of money around. It is just that evangelical Christians are not stupid. If the mission strategy is good then the money will follow and people will give sacrificially. If it is bad they will be reluctant to give. Seems obvious now that he has mentioned it!

A round seven. That’ll do for now.

Quick Thought-Provokers from the Midlands Gospel Partnership Meeting

2 thoughts on “Quick Thought-Provokers from the Midlands Gospel Partnership Meeting

  1. David says:

    Interesting list. I’d be interested in an expansion of 2 and 3 in particular. (If you have the time and energy!) My guess is the a “healthy church life” (point 2) and “training in basics” (point 3) are not entirerly unrelated.

  2. Stephen says:

    I took note of the 30. I was not sure about posting them. Is there a copyright/pagiarism issue?

    Actually, 3 was one of the 30 mentioned in 2, so well spotted!

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