Books read in February 2006 – I

Profiting from the Word

Profiting from the Word by A. W. Pink (Banner of Truth) 124pp.

This is a book that asks what are the expected results that show whether or not one is profiting from the word of God. So this is not a how-to book so much as one for self-diagnosis. As such it makes many good points, but at the same time was a little demoralising!

I once was speaking to a pastor’s wife about a book she was recommending that I read. Her summary description of it was that the author “had a good right hook”. My immediate reaction (inside – I kept up my outward smile) was, “That sounds awful!” I have not since read the book.

Pink’s work seems to have had this effect of making me feel I had been punched a few times. The constant demand for introspection is wearing and I cannot but feel is unhealthy. One is never good enough. I wish there had been more of Christ in it.

There is a good chapter on the place of good works in the Christian life.

The Call of Grace

The Call of Grace by Norman Shepherd (P & R) 107pp.
This has proved to be a controversial book since it was published in 2000. On the first read through it seems to make quite a convincing case for resolving the difficulties that the reformed face in presenting the free offer of the gospel without at the same time selling out to arminian methodology. There are some good points. However, underlying it are serious theological issues which challenge traditional reformed theology. Unfortunately, it is too short to deal with them, so it leaves the reader with more problems than perhaps s/he started with!

Books read in February 2006 – I