More on the Great Fire of Sinfin

The fire was pretty serious and is the major local news story. Susan, a deputy head, came home exhausted today after a day working with the head teacher and the other deputies to sort out the organisational chaos. It seems that arson was a possibility (read “likelihood”! – SD.).

The BBC has a load of pictures here. The local rag has more here.

Some people at Woodlands have been good, phoning to check Susan is OK. That means a lot – to Susan especially, but also to me.

More on the Great Fire of Sinfin

One thought on “More on the Great Fire of Sinfin

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Stephen
    I’ve lost Susan’s address for emailing, but wanted to say that I’m sorry to hear about the fire. I’m in a school in Nottingham now, if there’s anything I can help with – English text books for example – let me know! Jackie Cooper,

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