Pray for Our CoS Brothers

May promises to be an important month for the Church of Scotland on the question of civil partnerships and same-sex relationships. Pray for our brothers who are witnessing to the historic evangelical gospel, and faithfully shephering the sheep in their flocks. One such is David Court, minister at New Restalrig in Edinburgh. His May Parish Newsletter (pdf file) spells out the issues.

Pray for Our CoS Brothers

2 thoughts on “Pray for Our CoS Brothers

  1. John says:

    Indeed. Although I’d prefer to pray for our brothers and sisters on all sides of the debate who are witnessing to the living power of Christ in the Holy Spirit. Whatever the truth is, it is not found in historic creeds but in the living God – which doesn’t mean supporting either “cause” here.

    pax et bonum

  2. Stephen says:

    you do like to open cans of worms, don’t you! I can’t really engage at the moment, but comment noted. Sorry!

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