Just in passing, you may notice to the right I have a Flickr account. I’m not a great photographer or anything, but if you want to get an idea of what me and my lot get up to, that’s one place to go. Feel free to browse around. Flickr provides an RSS feed for each account, so if you use an aggregator you will be notified if I have added more pics. If you also have an account let me know, and if its OK with you, I will add you to my contacts list.

I don’t like to make all my pics available to the public, especially of my daughter. There are axe-murderers out there, y’know. So some of them are restricted access. But if I know you personally (i.e. have met you face-to-face), and (v. impt.) I like you, then get an account and I will add you to my Flickr contacts list as a ‘Friend’.

An honour indeed.


2 thoughts on “Photies

  1. Donna says:

    Thanks for sharing your photos Stephen, they’re great. Looking at them made me miss England.

  2. coconutsteve says:

    Steve, great photos! I miss the UK and want to take my family with me the next time I go. We must get you to teach a course of us. When will you be available???

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