Quick update

I haven’t died or anything. I just haven’t thought of anything worth saying! I effectively had a week off after my last blog post, but it was quite difficult to wind down after a period of intensive study. I also was unwell for a couple of days. Funny how winding down and feeling unwell seem to go together in my experience!

Last week I began working in Solihull with the Presbyterian Church. Officially I am “Assistant to the Minister” while I go through the whole licensure process. I made three visits mid-week, spending time with Al Lutz, the session (a group of ruling elders made up of Al and three from Cheltenham) and some of the regular attenders. The travelling is a bit of a bind but it is good to get started.

On Sunday we were 17 and Al is preaching through Acts, covering Acts 5 last time. Afterwards, during the Summer months, we have a picnic lunch in the grounds of the school in which we meet. All good.

All for now. Today, there is a  Midlands Gospel Partnership meeting in Hinckley on evangelism in the local church. Must fly…

Quick update

2 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Dave Strainhttp://www.lifetowardsgod.co.uk/wordpress2 says:

    Stephen, I was at the EPCEW presbytery when they had international delegates and addressed the presbytery on behalf of the Free Church of Scotland. Were you there? I can’t recall meeting you.

    Just to say that I am so thrilled you are serving at Solihull. We have watched from a distance the work there, and my colleague Rev. Kruger de Kock who works with me here in LCPC has corresponded with Al Lutz some and has been greatly encouraged by him. I will pray that the Lord uses you mightilly there.

  2. Stephen says:

    Thanks for your encouragement. It is good to be in touch. I missed the presbytery meeting you were at, so sorry to have missed you. Praying for you too.

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