Solihull Presbyterian Church – One Year On

the congregation

We are thankful to God for the number who turned up on the Sunday of our first anniversary – exactly 50 people. We used the occasion to put full-page ads in the local papers last week and invite as many people as we could who we had made contact with over the last year. (I should say that this has been mainly Al Lutz’s work, not mine.) The visitors included a couple from Tates Creek Presbyterian Church in Kentucky, USA, who brought a letter of greeting from the elders there. Tates Creek, planted by Al Lutz in 1984, and this couple in particular, have been very supportive of our work in Solihull.

new members

The occasion was a good time to welcome nine adults and their children into membership (incuding my family).

Dr. John Scott of Chelmsford Presbyterian Church was the visiting speaker and delivered an excellent sermon on John 14:6 (Main headings: how we lost the way, how the way can be found, experiencing the unique Jesus). There were some good conversations about the message with some of the visitors afterwards.

food, glorious food

Of course there was excellent food too.

It was a great day which all of us enjoyed. It is better to worship with 50 people than with the 15-20 we usually are. Imagine what the multitudes in glory will be like! However, our work still continues carrying out the Great Commission. We plant and water as best we can, but God gives the growth. So we look to him to do just that for his name’s sake.

Solihull Presbyterian Church – One Year On