Book on the Trinity

The Three Are One
by Stuart Olyott (Evangelical Press, 1979) 128pp.

I have heard it said that all Sunday School illustrations of the Trinity are heretical. Who hasn’t, at some point, tried to illustrate this great doctrine by reference to H2O: three states (ice, water, steam) yet one kind of “stuff”? However, it does not illustrate the Trinity so much as the heresy of modalism. Poor unsuspecting Sunday School teacher!

Let’s face it: understanding the Trinity is hard. God is not like us. We have no really good everyday analogies to work with to do justice to God’s being. And I know loads of people who simply give up and don’t even know what the Bible says about this any more!

However, help is at hand. I read this little book this morning. Though it is 128pp officially, it is only 94pp of reading, and all of it simply presented. It makes the case for the oneness of God, the deity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, what the relationship is between these three Persons, errors that can be fallen into, and finally, what this means for us as Christians.

A great primer for a great doctrine, well worth having on your shelf and on your church’s bookstall.

(I hope one can still get it. Amazon lists it but does not sell it. I got a batch from ICM Books.)

Book on the Trinity