I’ve Got Stuff To Do

It’s a busy time. I hope you’d expect me to say that. But the usual requirements plus a tendency to last-minute-ism makes now ‘specially busy.

I’m in the middle of my presbytery exams. I sat three papers already before Christmas: the theology of the WCF, the W. Shorter Catechism, and English Bible knowledge. (Can you name four of the OT cities of refuge? I couldn’t!)

This week I prepare to preach at Cambridge Presbyterian Church. The presbytery has appointed a commission to attend and assess my role in leading and preaching. All part of the licencing process. I’m looking forward to it.

Next week is my final exam on the history of presbyterianism in the UK. This should be the toughest. I have known something about Scottish post-reformation church history, but I knew nothing about the role of presbyterians in England until recently. It is remarkable to see how close the Church of England came to being a reformed presbyterian church. Ah, politics…

Before the end of the month I have to submit two exegetical papers: one on Romans 3:21-26, and the other on Amos 9.

Now I need to read some about the big man, John Knox.

I’ve Got Stuff To Do

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  1. David Shedden says:

    Good luck with all that. PCUSA bible exams are dead easy, and the CofS don’t bother candidates with bible exams. Your calling is high indeed!

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