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We (i.e. the Dancer family of Little Eaton) are thankful for the progress of events to do with the family over the last 4-6 weeks. Here is what has happened:

  • Susan has managed to get a job which starts after the Summer holiday. She will be Deputy Head of a secondary school in the north-east of Birmingham, larger than her current school in Derby.
  • We have agreed the lease on a house in Solihull. We have only to sign the contract. It should have ample space for living and for ministry purposes.
  • We have secured a school place for our daughter. The way system works here is that the local authority handles all the placings. We submit a prioritised list of schools, but one may not get the top choice. However, on this occasion we got the choice which we feel will best suit our daughter.

So, we are very pleased and thankful to God. We move sometime at the end of July/early August. We still have a lot to do before that can happen!

We hope that with the move, with God’s blessing, we will also see a step change in progress at SPC. It has been pretty tricky ministering at a (50-mile) distance. We have had some awkward pastoral situations over the last few weeks. To be honest, we have been unable to minister in the way we would like.

Nevertheless, this lack of control and influence is a valuable reminder that the church is not my church or anyone else’s. It belongs to Christ and he will build it as he sees fit.

All glory to him.

Latest News