Goodbye Blogroll

I have decided to get rid of my blogroll (usually to the right and down) completely.

Over time the list of blogs that I read has been growing. Until recently I have been keeping track of them through Bloglines, and now after a recent change, Google Reader. My pattern of reading is not constant but varies with time. Many blogs I get interested in and read for a while but then I lose interest and don’t. Some I read because of the mood I’m in. Some I read that I wouldn’t recommend to others. (Don’t ask!) More and more the list I keep on this blog does not reflect what I actually do and, to be honest, I can’t be bothered updating that little list all the time.

Which got me thinking about the ‘blogroll’. Why do I bother with it? Why does anyone bother with it? If a blog is good enough then I might link to it in a post. But it may be still good and not merit a mention. After all, I don’t feel the need to go about telling everyone about what I read in the newspaper today. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it.

So from now on, what I read will remain a mystery, unless I link to it in a post. Then you can read it too and it really will be worth reading. Trust me.

Goodbye Blogroll

Catching Up

Again, it’s been a while. I am having difficulties with this blog. I think the problem is that I’m not sure what it’s for at the moment. I started it as a theological student. It was fun to explore ideas, rant, share news etc. My circumstances have now changed and therefore I feel I need to review my objectives. This will happen over the summer, so watch this space.

Meantime, we are almost on the point of moving from Little Eaton to Solihull. Just one more week to go before the removal van appears to take us away.

The House

Our New House

Last week we acquired the keys to the property we will be renting over the next year. I have posted some photos on Flickr, so have a look around. It’s not quite like being there, and it was difficult to get good indoor shots with my camera, but hopefully you’ll get the idea of the place.

We are really pleased with it. God is good. Our hope is that as well as being a family home, it will serve as a centre for hospitality and ministry as we seek to reach out to the neighbourhood. Though I don’t feel that I know Solihull well yet, I feel that many live lives of limited interaction with others. This is Suburbia! But the gospel of Jesus Christ creates a new community of God’s people, new creatures forgiven and cleansed, who love one another in Christ and want to share their lives together. They have a common purpose and destiny. They have one Lord, one faith, one baptism.

Catching Up