At SPC we don’t have an evening service. But it is in my family’s ‘DNA’ to go somewhere to worship. We have been floating around a little over the last few weeks, but last night we went to City Evangelical. City is blessed by being next the Birmingham University campus. Last night was the first influx of new and returning students. (As John Stevens, one of the elders, said to me once, they benefit from the faithful ‘home’ churches from which students come looking for a new church.) It looked like there were 120 present.

It was refreshing and the sermon from Neil Powell was one of the most encouraging I have heard for a while. Coinciding with the presence of these young intellectuals (!) was the start of a series on Genesis 1-3, starting with “In the beginning God…”. I tell you, if I had not been a believer already, I’m sure I would have been convinced!

Some other practical points:

  1. The church is really friendly. People sitting next to us introduced themselves after the service. If we are having coffee afterwards people come up and say ‘hello’.
  2. They are well organised. They rent space in a school. There are marshals in the car park, plenty of signs to show you the way, people making sure you have all you need, ushers to show you to a seat. Just what you want.
  3. The new location at the Octagon certainly has the feel-good factor. New, modern, clean, comfortable!

So, a pretty good night and much to be thankful for.