We went to City again last night. Six days of Creation this time. General point good: creation ought to stimulate our praise and worship.

But – Framework hypothesis. Not so good. I have never really understood why evidence of poetic structure in Genesis 1-3 means it is not to be taken as literal history.

Just because I sing about the Atonement or the Trinity in poetic forms in hymns does not cause me to doubt that these things are literally true.

Am I just being thick?


One thought on “Framework

  1. David Anderson says:

    Indeed! It’s a category error. Does the poetry of Psalm 78 mean that the author didn’t really intend to assert that the Israelites left Egypt at the Exodus? I don’t think so!

    Indeed, it’s self-refuting – because then on the other hand, the non-poetic elements would have to indicate the opposite, which leaves two contradictory things being indicated.

    The acid test, though, is how the rest of the Bible interprets Genesis 1 (and following). No indication of poetic/non-historical interpretation can be found.


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