The Dawkins Letters

Everyone has heard of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion. I am reading it at the moment. But you may not have heard of David Robertson. Robertson has written a book, The Dawkins Letters, dealing with the myths about Christianity that Dawkins assumes in his book. Well, if you are in the Birmingham area on Thursday 29th November (yes, next week!) at 6pm, Robertson will be at the Borders bookshop in the Bullring shopping centre speaking, taking questions and signing books. This is a bold step by Borders which I applaud.

Especially when people say things like:

Roberston is a prat. And not only a PRAT, but a dangerous PRAT. A complete loser. I’ve never read such a dogmatic, vicious diatribe as this. WHEN WILL THEISTS LIKE ROBERTSON actually provide some EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE of their own – something we can really scrutinize and say – ‘Hey! You know, there could be a God, judged on this evidence.’
(in the blurb for the book)

A completely objective statement, then.

To get a flavour of his arguments you might like to watch this:

Then go along next Thursday.

The Dawkins Letters

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  1. ReformedChristian says:

    I got to hear Dave Robertson at Boarders Inverness, he was fantastic. the place was packed and there were tons of questions from non-christians. You are very current as I have just opened the December issue of EN and they are talking about the Boarders Book tour.

    God Bless

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