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I have returned from a conference in Spain, you will be glad to know. You will also be glad to know that the weather was pretty bad. It rained almost the whole time we were there. Except for one day when it was sunny. But on that day it was blowing a gale. Never mind. It did not stop some pasty-faced Brits from getting on their summer gear and going down the beach.

I hope to post some reflections, even piccies, in due course, once I get through the bow wave of tasks that I didn’t do last week. I may even tell you what it was about and who organised it.

Before I get round to that, let me point you to a relevant site. Last week I met lots of men worthy of honour for their work for the gospel. One of them, Bob Burnham, as well as being a missionary in Odessa, Ukraine is also a great photographer. As well as a newsletter, he also records goings on in his work through photographs. It’s a great idea.

You can also find his pictorial account of the conference. (OK, I don’t know who the couple getting married were. I don’t remember that happening.)


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