What We Need to Be

This a fascinating and thought provoking post from Pastor Andrew Webb. Particularly interesting is his quotation from John Angell James on four kinds of churches. (James ministered in 19th century at what is now Carrs Lane URC in Birmingham.)

So, we don’t want to be just fat.

We don’t want to be just frantic.

We don’t want to be neither fat nor frantic i.e. dead.

We need to be

those, (alas! how few they are,) who unite earnest spirituality with activity and liberality no less eminent; whose spiritual life is all healthfulness and vigor, and in whom its developments are seen in all the operations of holy zeal.

What We Need to Be

One thought on “What We Need to Be

  1. ReformedChristian says:

    Hi Bro,
    I am sure the pastor of Carrs Lane then is better than the one I spoke with about 10 years ago. His church was advertising ‘March For Islam.’ When I asked him how he could square that with the uniqueness of Christ he tried to tell me that in John 4 Jesus affirms other faiths.
    God Bless

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