Lessons for a Preacher

Old Testament Evangelistic Sermons
D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (Banner of Truth, 1995)

Fascinating book, though I have always found Lloyd-Jones difficult to read quickly. Perhaps that’s because they are sermons and meant to be heard rather than read. I could rarely take more than one sermon at a time. Consequently this book required some time to work through.

As ever, Jones’ preaching displays a remarkable ability to analyse the soul, not just of believers, but of unbelievers too. It is clear that he thought deeply about what motivates and concerns those outside the church. There are lessons for every pastor in this.

There are homiletic lessons too. One I appreciated was the way in which the message was applied. He was a master of the rhetorical question. This was illustrated by a remarkable passage on p.248 on which there was a deluge of 35 rhetorical questions alone! I can only imagine how this must have felt for the hearer!


Lessons for a Preacher