Time, Gentlemen!

While some would argue that conservative evangelicals should leave mixed denominations (i.e. those which have evangelicals and liberals in communion) without delay, I have always hoped that with some patience, at least with the Church of England, we would see some reform due to their efforts.

However, I have almost lost hope. The recent decision to allow the ordination of female bishops has demonstrated the weakness of conservative evangelicals. Of course, it was an inevitable decision, having allowed female priests in the ’90s. The horse has well and truly bolted. Provision for pastoral oversight of those who disagree with the recent decision would have been a pyrrhic victory. But they do not even have that. Now there is nowhere to run and hide. Will the conservative evangelicals stand up and be counted? In particular, will Reform, a group for which I once had high hopes, do anything?

John Richardson calls for urgent action, I must say with a degree of exasperation, from Reform. But as he points out, they have merely issued a press release expressing disappointment, and, according to John, plan to do nothing until the September meeting of the Reform Council.

September! Sorry, you guys. You have lost me. Are you serious about reform or just playing at it? The last chance saloon is here, now.

Time, Gentlemen!

One thought on “Time, Gentlemen!

  1. ReformedChristian says:

    Hi Bro,

    I share your concerns, it must be difficult to be a conservative evangelical in a mainline denomination. I think it would be somewhat easier in the church of Scotland but even there they have issues. We must keep praying for these brothers!

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