News Update

I am about to head off to Sweden for a couple of days to visit these guys. It is a lone presbyterian church plant which is looking for closer ties with the EPCEW. I met the pastor, David Bergmark at the ILF conference back in April this year.

Meanwhile, a few highlights from the last week or two:

  • SPC is now in its fourth year. We advertised in the press, issued invitations to neighbours to come to the 3rd anniversry. To illustrate the problems of reaching people, guess how many came (except for the 7 from other churches)? One. However, the good news is she came back yesterday for the second time.
  • Numbers at SPC have remained steady over the Summer, around the 20 mark. There has been a steady increase since the start of the year, for which we give thanks to God. I often say to people that planting in Solihull is like a car stuck in mud. The wheels are spinning furiously and slow progress is being made, but we wait on God’s perfect time for the moment of real traction!
  • We were joined at SPC by Rosemary Grier yesterday, one of the local UCCF staff workers. It was great to have her with us for lunch. I am impressed by how much and the quality of she reads. Of course, this is reflected in her blog, which I thoroughly recommend.
  • I and the family were at City last night where Richard Cunningham, director of UCCF, was speaking. His message from 1 Samuel 14 was superb. I know it was geared toward the many new students that appear at City at this time of year, but it was very helpful to me as a church planter. The sermon should be up on the website soon. It is worth listening to.

Nuff for now.


News Update