Alexander Sermons

I owe a great debt to the preaching of Rev. Eric Alexander. Not long after coming to faith in the early ’80s I was introduced to “the Tron”, a city centre church in Glasgow where Mr Alexander was the minister.

I had never been in a congragation as large (~800) and had never heard preaching like it. Previously, I could never have imagined an interesting sermon. All my experience was to the contrary. But in Mr Alexander I found a preacher who was engaging, passionate and doctrinally and biblically faithful. It was under his ministry that I was introduced to the “doctrines of grace” and grew in my knowledge of the broader contours of reformed theology.

It is a measure of their value to me that many of the sermons I have on tape from that period remain regular, occasional listening for me.

All that to say, it is with great delight to have been informed that a website is being built to preserve Mr Alexander’s preaching legacy. You can find a growing collection of sermons at


Alexander Sermons