Storm Approaching in the Church of Scotland

Louis Kinsey’s blog makes for interesting reading. If you want to follow the progress of the current debate on homosexuality in the C of S ministry, from an evangelical point of view, then he’s your man.

In his latest post, he quotes an article by Steven Reid in The Scotsman who defends the biblical view.  On the whole he does an excellent job given the constraints, arguing theologically that sexuality is rooted in the creation order.

What caught my eye was the quotation of Rev. Prof. William Loader, who argues for homosexual clergy, who said:

In the current discussions about homosexuality, some issues should be clear from the start. One is that the Bible roundly condemns homosexuality and homosexual activity. Of this there is not a shadow of a doubt. Its writers deplored homosexual acts as a deliberate perversion of human nature, a flouting of God s intention in creation.

I take my hat off to him! There is nothing worse than trying to deal with someone tries to argue that the Bible permits homosexual behaviour. At least Prof. Loader doesn’t try such a fool’s errand. Of course, while he accepts that the Bible teaches what it teaches, he does not accept its authority, arguing that the writers were simply ignorant of homosexuality. Steven Reid tackles this too, and I would recommend reading the rest of the article here.

The key session at the Church of Scotland begins on Saturday at 6.30pm. For those not watching “Tonight’s the Night” or “Britain’s Got Talent” the debate can be followed online from here.

Storm Approaching in the Church of Scotland

One thought on “Storm Approaching in the Church of Scotland

  1. Stephen, very interesting if you read the case papers published on the Church of Scotland General Assembly page.

    Aberdeen Presbytery’s defence of its decision comes down to this… the complainers try to argue that gay sex is not allowed in church law at the moment… but Aberdeen Presbytery argues that it would be a breach of human rights to ask any candidate about their sexual behaviour, and they add that nowhere in church law or confession is there anything against gay sex, because it is not a fundamental of the faith, the Bible is not the Word of God, etc, etc…

    In other words, Stephen, this case has got nothing to do with the Bible because the Bible has no authority in church law… the only authority is… church law. And this is actually true for all Presbyterian churches…

    Can I stir things up anymore… this storm is merely another illustration of the weakness of Presbyterian Confessionalism.

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