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Quite a bit has happened since the disastrous decisions taken at the recent General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. The following is a collection of articles, blog posts and opinion pieces in the press that have resulted. I don’t claim they are exhaustive by any means.

The last link is not directly connected with the decisions that were made, but its contents will no doubt become important as events play out in the next couple of years.

Perhaps I will get to comment in more detail on the contents in the near future.

24 May

David Meredith (Free Church) – Queen’s Cross: nightmare or birth of a dream?

Willie Phillip (Church of Scotland) –Statement re General Assembly Ruling & Statement regarding the ruling…

25 May

John Ross (Free Church) – A New Church for Scotland?

David Anderson (Reformed Baptist) – What is a church?

James Miller (Church of Scotland) – Where do we go from here?

26 May

Carl Trueman (Reformation21)- Being Presbyterian in the Church of Scotland

Sheena Strain (former Church of Scotland?) – Recent goings on in the Church of Scotland

William Crawley (Anglican Mainstream) – Church of Scotland agrees moratorium on gay debate

James Miller (Church of Scotland) – Silencing Debate

27 May

David Anderson (Reformed Baptist) – Paul separated from the Jews

Alan Rennie (Stirling Observer) (HT: Shedden) – Gay minister furore mustn’t distract from bigger issues

Nicola Barry (The Press and Journal) – No room in the Kirk for prejudice and intolerance

28 May

John MacLeod (Scottish Daily Mail) (HT: Shedden) – From decayed to debauched: the moral collapse of the Church of Scotland

David Shedden (Church of Scotland) – Response to Nick’s post ‘The Kirk – An Outsider Looking In’

Iain D Campbell (Free Church) – The Church in Scotland

30 May

John Ross (Free Church) – Love, Death and the Kirk

31 May

Harry Reid (Sunday Herald) (HT: Kinsey) – A split church? Good

1 June

Ian Hamilton (EPCEW) – June Pastoral Letter

Richard Holst (EPCEW) – Reflections

4 June

Brian Donnelly (The Herald) – Church of Scotland investments crash by more than £89m

Links on the CoS Mess

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