I am not usually a plugger of software on this site, but I have found Dropbox so useful I just had to mention it.

If you use more than one computer for the same work, or you simply need a backup space for essential work, then Dropbox does the job. It keeps up to 2GB worth of files sync’ed with a Dropbox folder on your computer.

Since I use a desktop at home and an old laptop for when I am on the road, it means I dont have to worry about moving files around since it is take care of automatically.

An added bonus for me is that if you click the following referral link, I get an extra 250MB space for free:

click here.


One thought on “Dropbox

  1. Did it. Never say I never do anything for you. You forgot to mention that because we follow your link, WE also get and extra 250 mb free.

    I won’t be using it for sync (yet) but it is great just to drop stuff in it and know that it is all saved safely online in case of crisis. Especially all the sermons and church admin stuff.

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